Below are printable worksheets to help you design and measure for the perfect awning

Scroll Designs 

Color Selection Guide

Premium Color Selection Guide

Solid Copper Information

Galvalume Plus Information

Most popular awning sizes and color information

Popular Awning Measurements

Installation Information

Engineering Information

Cannon Canopy - What's in the box?

Cannon Canopy - Color Chart

Cannon Canopy - Installation Instructions

Custom Size Awning FORMS

The Classic Awning - Measuring Worksheet

The Concave Awning - Measuring Worksheet

The Juliet Awning -  (without scrolls) Measuring Worksheet

The Juliet Awning - (with scrolls) Worksheet

The Romeo Awning - Measuring Worksheet

The Eyebrow Awning - Measuring Worksheet

The Wedge Awning - Measuring Worksheet



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